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Brighten Chores with Bitcoin Rewards
Create a custom chore list for your kids and set up automatic payouts. Once the tasks are completed, your kids will earn Sats ⚡️
Experience the power of rewards
And the joy of cleanliness!
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Create recurring or one-time chores
Effortlessly orchestrate your family chores with personalized tasks, each tailored to individual family members.
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Allocate budget
Celebrate the dedication and effort of each family member by assigning unique rewards for completed chores.
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Prove it!
Verify the completion of chores with photo or video evidence!
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Get SATS as rewards
Your family can exchange their earned strars for SATS instantly
Motivate Kids with
Rewards for Chores
⚡️50,000/ year
7 day free trial

Unlimited Chores
Helpful reminders
Make chores a game
Let your family earn sats

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Motivate Kids with Rewards for Chores
Get started and make housework a family affair.